Back in the Game: ETS & the New Chapter in Public Tagging

Welcome to DARWIN'S HAECKEL, our revamped blog. ETS is participating in Gitcoin 20 to fund development, and we're gearing up for a summer relaunch with an incentivized testnet. Stay tuned for updates, code snippets, and insights on public tagging.

Back in the Game: ETS & the New Chapter in Public Tagging
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New Beginnings with DARWINS HAECKEL

Welcome back to our little corner of the internet—yes, it's been 585 days since our last transmission, but who's counting? We’re pleased to unveil our new blog, DARWINS HAECKEL, named after the revolutionary thinkers Charles Darwin and Ernst Haeckel. Just like their work in evolutionary biology reshaped our understanding of nature, we’re here to transform public tagging with Ethereum Tag Service (ETS). Expect a mix of updates, musings, and maybe a bit of code—served up light and easy. If it's not your cup of tea, feel free to toss it!

A Quick Catch-Up

We haven't been idle during our little hiatus. After a stint of fundraising attempts that saw more downs than ups—thanks, crypto winter—we paused, regrouped, and found new inspiration and teammates to bring ETS back to life. We're cautiously optimistic as we prepare to (re)launch an incentivized testnet this summer, complete with demos and a newly developed alpha SDK for integrating ETS into your apps. Stay tuned!

Join Us in Gitcoin 20

We're excited to share that ETS has been accepted into Gitcoin 20, participating in the Web 3 Infrastructure and ENS Identity categories. The funding window is closing soon—on May 7th. If you’ve been thinking about supporting us, this is a great opportunity to do so before the window closes. Every contribution, big or small, will directly fund product development.

Make sure you have some USDC, ETH, or ARB in your wallet on Arbitrum. Using Jumper for bridging has been pretty smooth.

Looking Forward

We’re keeping this update brief and focused on what’s ahead. Our near-term goal is to roll out a public testnet that is both functional and engaging. We're eager to build, improve, and incorporate your feedback into our ongoing development.

Sign Off

Thanks for still being here, even if it’s just because you forgot to unsubscribe. We hope you stick around—there’s more to come that we think you’ll find worth the wait.

Dive deeper into our journey by following ETS on Twitter, Farcaster, or subscribe here at DARWINS HAECKEL to get the latest updates delivered to your inbox. We’re eager to share our progress with you!